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Carmina Slovenica: Was haben Sie gegen Bauern, gnädige Frau?

  • from: filipcic marisa
  • uploaded: Mar 21, 2014
  • Hits: 97
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 “What have you got against peasants, lady?” he had asked, before he obeyed her request.

Choregie project

Concept, music direction and stage design: Karmina Šilec

Music: Jacob Cooper        

Text: Heiner Müller: Germania 3

Performed by:
Vilim Matula, actor
Carmina Slovenica, ensemble
Voices: Jasmina ?rn?i?, Eva Germ, Mojca Potr?, Nina Pušenjak, Sara Ritonija, Ana Sandrin, Ana Studen

“At the foot of the hill where my house sits, I step from my car and open the trunk. I take off the suit and my German shoes, rip the tie off my neck, the shirt off my breast, the buttons popping, and throw the alien clothes into the trunk. I see the stars of my motherland, they are brighter than those in Germany, there’s no smoke between me and the sky.” (H. Müller)

Memories are the main protagonists, and voices from the past are the ones that lead us to unexpected effects where Time takes initiative for action.

Figures – farmer and women - speak from within their historical contexts to the present in an effect which creates a museum-like theatre of the dead.

German history and culture, its effects across the broader field of Europe:

Final days of WW2. Croatian SS Man, who looks to German officers widows “like a peasant”, arrives and does the job for them with the peasant’s tool, an axe…

Imaginary accounts of the pain and suffering of modern German history:
Present time. Croatian soldier is now a guest worker in Germany, dressed in a suit, shirt and tie. He tells his story…*

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Partizanska cesta 5, 2000 Maribor, Slovenija

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