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Carmina Slovenica: PLACEBO or Is There One Who Would Not Weep

  • uploaded: May 31, 2012
  • Hits: 140
  • Rating: 5 Rating: 5 Rating: 5 Rating: 5 Rating: 5 (6 Rating)

PLACEBO or Is There One Who Would Not Weep
Stage concert in 14 tableaux

Concept, scene and direction: Karmina Šilec

Light design: Andrej Hajdinjak
Costume design: Belinda Radulovi?
Movement: Karmina Šilec, Kaja Lorenci

"The performance 'Placebo' is a brilliant prelude to the year of culture"
"A highly stylised and aestheticized inscenation"
(Ve?ernji list)

"An outstanding scenic project in fourteen tableaux"
"Karmina Šilec presented her latest and successful multimedia project Placebo."
"Karmina Šilec with her girls and excellent guests certainly knows what she is doing, what she wants, what they all know, what they can do and offer to a full Union Hall which rewarded the performers on Thursday night with long, warm and spontaneous applauses and ovations, suited to the days when the eyes of the whole of cultural Europe are focused on Maribor."
"... the girls' choir Carmina Slovenica extremely well prepared, as always."

"A magnificent closing performance of the third Choregie festival"
"... sophisticated harmony of classical sonority"

"The grand finale of the Choregie aka Choregie festival focusing on the subject of pain and leaving"
(RTV Slovenia)


Eia mater, fons amoris! -- Hail, mother, source of love!

Man surmounts death, the unthinkable, by postulating instead -- in the stead and place of thought as well as death -- maternal love. That love, of which divine love will be no more than a not always convincing derivative, mother love as the primitive shelter that guarantees the survival. The representation of the maternal is established on the site of that tempered anguish known as love.

A meditation inspired by the suffering of Mary, Jesus's mother, during his crucifixion, and by the medieval text The Sorrowful Mother Stood.

Performing: Carmina Slovenica, Sabina Cvilak, Bernhard Landauer, Jožica Avbelj, Olga Kacjan, Slovenian Chamber Choir, Marko Hatlak, Karmen Pe?ar, Musica Cubicularis, Renata Vereš Klan?i?, Kaja Lorenci etc.

Music: G. B. Pergolesi, J. S. Bach, J. Cooper, A. Vivaldi, P. Vasks, G. Bryars, K. Šilec


Choir Production: Carmina Slovenica
Coproduction: MARIBOR 2012 -- European Capital of Culture, Slovenian Philharmonic, Cankarjev dom

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